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Hidden Costs of a Senior Parent's Hospital Stay

Posted by Michelle Cemental on Sep 4, 2018 3:02:00 PM

Senior woman being visited by daughter in the hospital

Whether your senior parent has a fall or needs treatment for an infection, you worry while they're in the hospital. As your worry decreases, the bill increases. Hospitals tack on a lot of hidden costs that you don't see until the final bill. While insurance may cover some costs, they might not cover them all. Here are some of the most common hidden charges that hospitals don't want you to know about during your senior parent's stay. 

1. Deductibles and Co-Pays

Even if you think your parents have decent insurance, the deductibles and co-payments can rack up. While you might meet the deductible in one procedure, there might be an additional deductible or co-pay for another. In some cases, the hospital might bill your parent for what the insurance company didn't pay. 

2. Rogue Fees

Rogue fees are fees charged for procedures or items that your parent never actually received. For instance, if the hospital expects a surgery to use a certain number of items, then your parent is billed for all of them whether they were used or not.

3. Medication

While in the hospital, your senior parent has to maintain their regular medication schedule and possibly take additional medications. Hospitals increase the cost of these medications on the final bill, sometimes, up to 500 percent. 

4. Out of Network

While your senior parent is at a hospital in their insurance's network, you might not expect out-of-network expenses, but they happen. Not all doctors at a hospital are automatically in an insurance company's network. This is true of nurse practitioners who are under a specific doctor's supervision as well.

It's also important to take care of your senior parent when they get discharged as well to avoid readmission charges. Know that support is available. Learn how Caring Senior Service can help you, by providing care for your senior, please contact us.

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