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Follow These Steps When Your Senior Falls

Posted by Alyssa Ball on Nov 20, 2018 3:14:00 PM

Helpless senior woman who has fallen on the steps

When a senior takes a fall in front of us, we may react in a way that doesn't help. Many people immediately try to pick them up, allowing the senior to use them to pull up their weight. This not only causes injury to the caregiver, but it is also not the right way to pick a senior up. Slow and steady is the best course of action to take after a senior has fallen down. Follow these steps to make sure your loved one gets up safely and easily, with no further harm to either of you.

Go slow

You may instinctively want to get them up as fast as possible. But taking time to examine the situation will help you both in the long run. Stay calm and take deep breaths.

Ask what hurts

Before they get up, ask where it hurts the most. They may have broken or fractured a bone or suffered a head injury, in which case you should never move them. When you are in doubt, call 911 immediately. Stay next to your loved one, keeping them as comfortable as possible while you wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Grab 2 sturdy chairs

If your loved one is sure they can get up, place chairs by their hands and feet. Are they on their back or side? Carefully roll them over until they are on their hands and knees. Once there, have them place one leg forward into a lunging position.

Help them up

With their hands on the chair in front of them, carefully guide them into the chair by their back foot. Remember, they need to do most of the physical work. You, as the caregiver, should only be offering support and guidance.

Have them relax for a bit

Now that they are safely in the chair, bring them some water and a heating pad or ice pack, if needed. Make sure they can confidently walk before allowing them to rise again.

Monitor them for a day or 2

Make sure there are no lasting repercussions from the fall. Notify their family doctor of the incident so that they can add it to their medical records.

Senior falls can be scary. Learn more about the risks associated with a senior fall and how to prevent them through home safety, balance exercises, and other methods. 

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